Since 2006, Logan Capital, LLC has made loans to companies and individuals for whom traditional lending and financing is not an option. This could be due to being over extended, credit issues of guarantors, or available collateral.

Our goal is to provide simple loan structures for complex situations. In this type of lending, there is no “cookie cutter” structure. All loans are customized to your unique needs.

Traditionally, this type of loan has been known in the industry as a Hard Money Loan. However, this practice has evolved into more than a second mortgage real estate loan to credit stressed companies or individuals. At Logan, our goal is to be creative to meet your needs and goals. Our typical loan size is $50,000-$1,000,000, and we are backed by a $10.0 million committed fund.

Recently, loans have been made to fund interim working capital requirements, buy out partnership interests, residential real estate, real estate development and expansion of manufacturing companies until traditional longer term financing has become available.

Logan can also make DIP (Debtor in Possession) working capital loans for small to medium businesses in Chapter 11.

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