Bankruptcy Cases

The following are major bankruptcy cases for which Lee served as the CRO or other leading reorganization role.

CDE Industries, (Northern District) (CRO)

FirstPlus Financial Group, Inc. (Dallas) (CRO)

Green Mountain Mgt LLC (CRO and Designated Manager)

Lynx Chemical, Inc., (CRO/CEO)

National Spirt Group & Cheerleader Supply Co. (CEO/CRO)

Netbank Inc (Jacksonville) (CEO/CRO)

Oxford Books (Northern District) (CRO)

Printmaster, Inc. (Financial Advisor)

Qzar Inc (Dallas) (CEO/CRO)

R & S Strauss Auto, Inc. (CEO)

Retama Park (San Antonio; Chapter 9) (CRO)

Ted Parker Homes, Inc (Delaware) (CRO)

The Sports Shoe, Inc, (CRO)

Verilink Corp (Huntsville) (CEO)


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