No one has ever called me up and said, “I’m going to have a problem a week from next Thursday.” When there’s a crisis in the corporate world, everything has already hit the fan – and what’s needed is someone who acts fast, effectively and decisively.

What is The Turnaround Authority?

Over the course of my career I’ve become a hands-on leader in crisis management and corporate rescue. Bringing distressed companies back from the brink has provided me with the kind of practical experience and business wherewithal that I want to bring to you.

By reading this blog, you will learn about what happens when things go wrong in the corporate worlds – and you’ll learn about the strategies that make things right again, saving millions of dollars, jobs and hours of  lost productivity.

I’ll explain the jargon you read about in the news and hear in the morning headlines, and I’ll talk about ways that you can create value at your business or job. As an expert witness called upon to testify around the country about whether or not businesses will last or bust, I’ll help you understand how to look at your company, whether you’re the CEO or just hoping to keep your day job.

Join In

I look forward to you participating in the discussion and telling me what’s happening in the business world that surrounds you.

Corporate rescue is a messy business, but there’s little as satisfying as successfully playing Let’s Make a Deal, and seeing businesses get stronger rather than go under. Join me at The Turnaround Authority for lessons in saving distressed companies and how you can avoid becoming one.

Glad to have you here!

Lee Katz

Lee N. Katz
GlassRatner Advisory & Capital Group LLC
Contact me any time: LKatz [at] glassratner [dot] com