Ten Steps to Keep from Hiring a Guy Like Me

Yesterday I was on the radio with Bernie Marcus, retired founder of The Home Depot. We were on the conservative radio show of Michael Hart, and we talked primarily about job creation and the need for government to interfere less with businesses – particularly the regulations that stifle the growth of small and medium businesses.

Though I don’t have a copy of that show yet to post for you, it made me remember that I do have the audio recording of my recent presentation to the CEO Group of Baltimore. It’s one version of my talk, Ten Steps to Keep from Hiring a Guy Like Me.

I’ve posted it here for your enjoyment and referral. I hope it helps you avoid hiring me or anyone like me in the future.

Baltimore presentation

I’m interested to see what the particular steps are that you extract from my talk. Let me know in the comments below. Please share any questions you have there, too!

One thought on “Ten Steps to Keep from Hiring a Guy Like Me

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