5 Ways to Find Direction When You Feel Lost

The most powerful businessmen are the least likely to admit when they are lacking direction. You are used to helping others find their way, and it seems unimaginable that, with so much on your plate, you’ve lost focus. But it happens, and it’s nothing of which to be ashamed.

Here are some great ways to gain clarity on your purpose and leadership direction.

1. Rest 

It’s easier said than done, but rest is necessary to function efficiently through your long workdays. Whether sitting down for a proper meal, sleeping in, going to the beach for a weekend or just taking a night off to be with friends, guilt-free downtime is an absolute necessity to offset high intensity days.

2. Discuss challenges with a partner or colleague

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a sentence, trying to explain a business challenge to others and suddenly realize you have the answer? Sharing with others forces us to synthesize information and clarifies problems (I also recommend the whiteboard). In some cases the person listening may not even need to be informed of the topic, but having to explain it to them requires you to think differently.

3. Find one thing to get back your inertia

Sometimes what we lose is inertia, and we just need to swing ourselves back in motion. Pick just one thing that will contribute to your business – not the most important or best thing. Just pick one easy thing. After completing the task, acknowledge how easy it was to make a small change that will positively benefit your business in the long run.

4. Help someone else

You’re probably not the only one who’s stuck or could use a little help. Find someone who needs to talk things through or even be assigned some mindless task that helps them get their inertia back. You’ll be contributing, taking a look at something you otherwise wouldn’t have that may trigger ideas and getting back your inertia.

5. Go for a walk

Little clears your head like fresh air and moving your body. It doesn’t have to be long – 20 minutes will do it. Just take a walk, preferably outside, though if you have to lap the floor of your office building, that’s fine, too. Just move around and clear your head. Busy with phone calls? Take one of those on a walk with you!

Keep these easy solutions in mind for when you feel you’re losing focus (and perhaps motivation) despite knowing how much there is to do.

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