Embrace the Change that Life Brings

Change can be a good thing. Indeed, it often is. Sure, change to an oppressive political regime isn’t the kind of change people want to see, but progress is built on change, however resistent we might be to it happening in the first place.

I’ve been going through some interesting changes in my life recently.

At first, I was not pleased by the idea of these changes. They challenged what I thought I wanted to be doing with myself, the way my life was structured and what I thought the right thing was. The changes were practically an affront and I felt like the alligators were snapping.

But I’m a turnaround guy, and I pride myself on my ability to assess a seemingly negative situation and changing conditions, understand them from everyone’s point of view, and seek amicable and advantageous solutions for me and my side and whomever else I can.

When I stopped being bothered by the challenge of change that I didn’t want, I started to make peace with the notion, really evaluating why it was that this change was confronting me at this point.

And the more I thought about it, the more comfortable I got – indeed, the more I wanted it. I realized that I just wanted the change to happen in a different way. Ultimately, the change would be there, but I needed to see why it was good and make it so.

In the last few days, I’ve actually come to realize that if the change doesn’t happen, I’ll be downright disappointed. And I want it to happen fast. But that’s the nature of a turnaround guy. When we want something to materialize, we roll up our sleeves and make it happen.

So, change, I await you with open arms.

What changes are going on in your life or business? Are you excited or wary? Why?

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