Lions, Tigers and Creditors – Oh, my!

I’ve written before about optimism, but I think this cartoon catches a different element of the word.

Note the suited man (or man-like figure) buried up to his waist in the midst of a barren desert. Another soul is not in sight, yet he declares, “Someone will come.”

Not likely, my friend, not likely.

As I’ve mentioned, optimism is important, but it requires a dose of realism. This guy needs help. He needs a bailout. He needs a rescuer.

But he’s not going to get any of that in the form of a handout.

It’s people in this situation who are my specialty: people who are, in a word, screwed.

This guy has an emergency situation. The only thing that’s different about him and the people I deal with is that those I’m dealing with are generally missing a proverbial arm, buried up to their chins, and there are lions, tigers and creditors – oh my! – coming from all directions.

Have you ever been in an awful situation like this? Was it worse or better than this guy’s situation?

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