Lee. N Katz has specialized in turning companies around for more than 25 years. Throughout his career in crisis management, Mr. Katz has served as an interim executive officer and reorganization director for both large and small companies, public and private, with annual revenues up to $5 billion.

In addition to offering expert-witness testimony regarding business valuations, turnarounds, and plan feasibilities, he has served as a court-appointed receiver in multiple states. Mr. Katz’s corporate restructuring and workout experience span a broad range of industries, and he also uses his skills to help boards of directors prevent crises from happening. He is known for rolling up his sleeves and focusing on the pertinent issues with straightforwardness and integrity.

Mr. Katz is a Principal at the prestigious nationwide firm, GlassRatner Advisory & Capital Group LLC, based in Atlanta, GA.

Mr. Katz is the former Chairman and Senior Managing Partner of Grisanti Galef & Goldress (GGG), the country’s oldest turnaround firm. Prior to joining GGG Partners, Mr. Katz served as president of Seaboard Industries from 1981-1985 and restructured the company to profitability. From 1974-1981 he worked for First National Bank of Atlanta, managing branches and loan portfolios. In 1978, he became responsible for directing the bank’s asset-based lending in the Atlanta area and gained his initial experience in restructuring defaulted loans in the bank’s portfolios.

For more than 30 years, Mr. Katz has also been developing and managing commercial real estate for such clients and end users as Wal-Mart, John Wieland Homes, and other private investor groups.  In conjunction with his restructuring work, Mr. Katz has renegotiated more than $1 billion in real estate leases. He has handled numerous environmental issues for his real estate and corporate manufacturing clients in cooperation with state and national Environmental Protection Agency authorities.

In addition, Mr. Katz has served as a financial advisor to individuals and trusts.

Notable Engagements
Mr. Katz has served as an executive officer or reorganization expert for numerous public companies and private companies with public debt, including the following:

• Verilink Corp.
• Retama Development Authority
• Laidlaw Energy Corp.
• Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences
• Firstplus Financial Corp.
• Gulf States Steel Inc.
• Signal Apparel Corp.
• Transit Group Inc.
• Life University Inc.

Privately Held Companies
Mr. Katz has served as interim officer or director of reorganization at more than 100 closely held companies for various industries, including banking/financial services, computers/IT, consumer products, distribution, electronics, education, entertainment, energy, seminars, leisure, manufacturing, materials and construction, media, metals, petroleum, real estate, retail, telecommunications, and textile apparel.

Expert Testimony
Mr. Katz has provided expert testimony in many United States Bankruptcy Court cases as part of his restructuring responsibilities. In addition, he has been an expert witness in the feasibility of corporate restructuring plans.


  • Financial Restructuring
  • Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Restructuring
  • Real Estate Receiverships, both Federal and State
  • Operating Company Receiverships, both Federal and State
  • Restructuring Bank Debt with the FDIC and Successor Banks
  • Asset Liquidations
  • Alternative Restructures to Bankruptcy
  • FDIC Negotiations
  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Bond Restructuring
  • Financial Advising to Bond Funds
  • Corporate Downsizing

Awards & Publications

How Not to Hire a Guy Like Me: Lessons Learned from CEOs’ Mistakes, published by Schroder Media, can be found here.

GGG Partners was recognized by the Turnaround Management Association’s Atlanta Chapter numerous times under Mr. Katz’s leadership:

  • 2012 Small Company Turnaround of the Year for Summit Trucking
  • 2011 Large Company Turnaround of the Year for USA Dry Van Logistics
  • 2008 Small Company Turnaround of the Year Benton-Ga, Inc. Learn More
  • 2005 Small Company Turnaround of the Year for Tri-State Delivery, Inc.
  • 2004 Non-Profit Company Turnaround of the Year – Life University Inc. Learn More
  • 2003 Large Company Turnaround of the Year – P.S. Energy Corp.
  • 2002 Large Company Turnaround of the Year – Wyncom Inc. Learn More

Mr. Katz has been featured in the national media, including the following:

  • “It’s Time to Treat America Like a Business,” Atlanta Business Chronicle
  • “What Should the Braves Do?” Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • “Turnaround Magic,” Business to Business Magazine
  • “Squawk Box,” CNBC
  • “Corporate CPR,” The Daily Deal
  • “Turnaround Tycoon,” Atlanta Jewish Times
  • “Living the Lessons,” The Lane Report

Mr. Katz has given more than 100 presentations throughout the United States to Vistage International, the world’s largest CEO membership organization, and other CEO and leadership organizations like ACG, Rotary and others. His speeches and workshops have included “How to Keep Your Banker From Burying You,” “The Art of a Turnaround (How to Keep From Being a Statistic),” and “How to Keep from Hiring a Guy Like Me.”


Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management, Georgia Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Laws, John Marshall University
Licensed Real Estate Broker, State of Georgia

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